Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

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On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s clever and beautiful wife disappears. Husband-of-the-Year Nick isn’t doing himself any favors with cringe-worthy daydreams about the slope and shape of his wife’s head, but passages from Amy's diary reveal the alpha-girl perfectionist could have put anyone dangerously on edge. Under mounting pressure from the police and the media—as well as Amy’s fiercely doting parents—the town golden boy parades an endless series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Nick is oddly evasive, and he’s definitely bitter—but is he really a killer?



I am this reader who crams to start reading a book before its movie started showing. This is one of them.


I hate to like this book.

Technically, the story was smooth. Maybe this is why I liked it. The characters were realistically built. It's frightening. It's disturbing.

Nick and Amy are two of the characters I might not forget for awhile.

Coming from me, who is very discreet in reading suspense-thrillers. I don't get easily impressed by the stories from this category. I think, these books should be well written, without flaws and slimy brilliant.


I might guess here but maybe some people doesn't like it because one, it concluded quite unpleasing. Two, the book is disturbingly dark and the important characters are not that main-characters 'good'.  There is not much good air in the atmosphere of the story telling. Not much to have flowers and bubbles even needed for a thriller. I think, It would have been nice to have a more background story for the couple when they were so much in-love. It might soften the story a bit. Finally, the couple who is married is psychologically sick that they wanted to have an ending fit for such a thrilling mess. I will also guess that this is the first time they wanted for the couple to separate or worst to kill each other, which explains fairly how this book radiates. (haha)


I just want to point out the character build-up of the couple is a 5-star rating. That is why I love it. Nick, a perfect husband gone wife hater, an asshole(i hated him, damn what a character). Amy, a perfect wife disturbingly a control freak without any remorse, is in a center of a hunt. 


I would like to advice that if you want to have a challenging read, i suggest you read this one. But, if you are feeling gay and in-love, maybe you can try looking in the chick lit area. (heh)



“There's a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.” 



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