Grave Mercy (His fair assassin, book 1) by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers

Ismae is a daughter of Mortain, god of death. Along with her sisters, she live in a convent that mainly kill in their respective missions. These nun assassins were trained from the first day they were sent to the convent. Ismae's new mission is to be of help for the Duchess of Brittany. Together with Duval, a potential love interest and a step brother of the duchess, they will embark the political, historical and emotional journey until the end.




At first, i am really excited reading this free book downloadable from Netgalley. The third book is out and I thought I have to start reading the series. This is pretty popular in the book reading world. The cover is beautiful and catchy. The premise promises badassery female story.

Although.. I went bored. The characters aren't much exciting. Ismae is like an introverted character, like Duval said, a novice. She's supposed to be wise and slimy not a person who likes to hear stories outside the door. She's supposed to be running around someone 10 meters away who is clearly a culprit. She has no sexual charisma, no witty, realistic voice. The romance didn't help the character likable. Duval's character is decent but not drool-worthy soldier, as he was described as not physically attractive(at least give readers fanservice!..hehe).


The historical theme was good, but i needed more authenticity with the setting. I love historical stories with brilliant visual storytelling, but this is like written simply. IDK

But, politically, the story was intriguing. I liked some characters going in and out of the story influencing each other.



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