Wrecked by Priscilla West

Wrecked - Priscilla West

Lorrie's mother was murdered by her step-father. Her father committed suicide after.

She's ready to go back to school. She checked in to her dorm few early days before school starts. One day, she slipped and almost drown in a freezing cold lake but rescued by a cage fighter named Hunter 'The Hammer'.


They were both attracted to each other. They have secrets they intended to keep. 



I love damaged heroes and damsels in distress. I don't care if they were built with dark pasts as long as the story telling is not dull and slow-paced. I will fully understand if girl MCs are irritating, aloof or afraid of love as long as the character building is smooth and the plot is approaching. I don't care if boy MCs are self-sacrificing, possessive or broken, as long as he's going somewhere in the story.

It is well-written and i'm already satisfied.

You give any kind of book to me but be sure to be well-written.

I don't care if it got a cliff-hanger.




I was okay. Just okay. Not good, not bad—just okay. After what happened to Mom, I answered a lot of questions with that line.



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