Debt by Nina Jones

DEBT - Nina G. Jones

I know that the premise might scare some but...



Nina have some dangerous desires in her mind. Her best friend then introduced to her about a secret website that caters a fake rape scene and  sex with a partner. Of course, she may fill in some sexual preferences, payments and such. Intrigued by it, she logged in in the site, payed and waited for her attacker.

Tax waited for the opportunity with Mia to be alone and readied his task.




but.. it's gonna go deeper. There is more than the story and expect some revelations. The scenes get hotter, the emotional intensity got higher. Tax is a damaged hero and the character-building of him, and all of the main characters, were amazing.

i hate flashbacks in between chapters but i must say, this book have them short enough that you won't find yourself bored before you know it. there were done and back to the pace before you tear your hair out and i think it's very important for books to have limited well-written flashbacks. again, i hate flashbacks.


I may had some tears. The couple are so hot together and to each other.



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Happy holidays!!