The Wrong Billionaire's bed (BBC, book 3)

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed (Billionaire Boys Club Novel) - Jessica Clare

I forgot to make a review about this one.. >.<



Billionaire number 3, Reese, is a playboy. One day, he used his friend's cabin to seduce a business partner's daughter to ensure a contract. But Audrey and her sister entered the cabin, as they are childhood friends with the owner Cade, and interrupted the couple in the bath.

Reese is too intrigued with the prim and proper Audrey, who he easily guessed to have feelings with Cade. Dares were started and rendezvous were made in and around the cabin!



The dares and the consequences made by Reese and Audrey are the hottest! Daphnie and Cade are also in the whole progress of the story. 

I enjoyed it!


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