City of Bones (TMI, book 1)

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare

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Ok.. I'll make this review in bullets. And when I say, I have it in bullets.. you know this will take some time to read. Be warned. I'll be very fair tho, Simon say 'Who ever said that the world was fair?' Well.. Simon-- my favorite character btw-- in books.. in their conclusions.. it should be. :)

Let's get this shix(from my own dictionary-heh) done.



  • Writing. I am not a writer, but readers tend to observe this among everything else. So do I, so do I. Yes, Clare, I am talking to you. I wouldn't tell that the story is a fast-paced one, because it isn't. I observed a lot of research, that includes Latin and Chinese with their translations. If you haven't asked me followers, I already read the first and second books of The infernal devices(The Mortal instruments, prequel trilogy) and I noticed the same style with those books and have more Chinese love dialogues between the three protagonists there. I loved it when Miss Clare wrote Chinese Mandarin.
  • The mysteries of the books are so brilliant they were hidden in between some single stealthy sentences between the dialogues of the characters. There are some of the hints that gave away those secrets, but you couldn't fathomed them until the revelations in the end of the book. What I dislike, is that sometimes, the dialogues of the characters were cut short, just to suspense readers. It was like, I have to calm myself down from throwing the book, because a certain fly just went by between a war and they have to stop it because they were interrupted(figuratively). They were incidences and they were a lot, mind you, that the character's sentences were cut short because someone else is there that opened the door, or someone is listening. And sometimes I understand that. I do. But, it feels like I was cut short of the thrill too. The suspense is there, but somehow, I want to reach that peak of thrill, but hell it didn't happen. This made me uneasy. After those observations, I kept a poker face, which for me guys, is a very, very, bad thing.
  • Story. Okay.. the story is brilliant. It could have been more awesome if it was fast-paced with those actions. The revelations in the end are good. I loved the manipulating thing with Valentine. I get that. Tho the laughter of Valentine in the portal, is a down slope, which made it so funny. What a stereotype villain he is, that scene. I love how this will open up to a more world.. hm.. cities. I haven't read, obviously, the next 4 to 5 books, but i have to admit that this will stick to more readers especially that the movie will be in theaters next month. I know, some people loved a good, complicated fictional fantasy story but I prefer to compromise those with a simple one with some good built characterization. I will love the characters progression than an action-packed one with some foolish, selfish, jerkish(is this even a word :P) characters. Which brings to my next bullet..
  • Characters. Oh.. don't get me started. Like I said, I want to sympathize with the characters, both the good and the bad ones. And that's what this book is lacking. Maybe I felt Jace's longing with his father, of Simon's jealousy over Jace, but hell, book Clary is something. I hope Lily Collins will do a good job for her. The first few chapters of the story I saw the most irritable character I've ever read. She's a brat. She slaps Jace, she hit someone, she shout at someone. I felt the idea of making the character as ordinary as human beings, as teenagers, but somehow.. they lack the charm of a protagonist. Jace's character was built very manly, skillful and cunning. I loved that. The change in him at the end is something that was made abruptly. He turned into a boy. What I really love is Simon. Got a good progression there from a best friend, to someone who have unrequited love to Clary, to a jealous one, to a cold, distant one.. until to a good mature person. I love Luke too. 
  • If I would describe Ms Clare, she'll be like a stealthy ninja. :) I know she's trying to outsmart readers but I think the characters are compromised with all those twist and turns. The characters can't go all in with their dialogues because many are witholding secrets thus making it hard for me to understand them when they reveal their true selves. I don't know.. It maybe just me.. Still, I will buy the next one, and the next and the next.. to see how the story is going.
  • I just wanted to feel the characters' grip on me, than any other mind tricks in the story. I want to feel that longing of Clary for her mother when she's alone. Tho, I felt Jace's for his father. 
  • Having to read the first two books of The infernal devices first, before this one, the strange hole I felt is here again. I was not satisfied. 
  • Magnus Bane is one interesting character, isn't it? I read about him in TID, and he's still as differently charming as ever.
  • Between Jace and Clary,  I know they have this connection at first. Imagine the cockblock again at the end, right? *laughs* But.. i love their conversations. Especially, the one when he said that he felt that he belong to someone now. See.. i always remember the simple convo one that have a heart in it.
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favorite quote/scene:


"No fair keeping secrets!"

"Who ever said the world was fair?"



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