Along came a spider, (Alex Cross, book 1)

Along Came a Spider - James Patterson

I am very enthusiastic about my Read J. Patterson's books plan! Of course, a way to start is to read the first book of the famous Alex Cross series, Along came a spider. :)

One reason I wanted to start reading J.P's books is to familiarize myself of his works. It's just that simple. Let me tell you about Along Came a spider..(if you haven't read it yet)


It's a suspense crime thriller which is J.P's forte. It's about Alex Cross, an FBI agent and psychologist, along with his partner, Sampson, will be solving a case about the two murders of black families and along with 2 kidnapped children of some famous people and how they are connected. All the recent killings and sightings, along with a sudden arrival of a Secret Service girl supervisor agent that might complicate the case by her and Alex's attraction to each other.


During my reading, I already sensed the hype of the fans hooked about this series. The writing have this flawless flow of events and the cleanest style of storytelling for a crime suspense thriller. It's not a slow-paced thriller that i expect much for this type of stories nor have any heroic type of characters that might save the day on his own in the end. The revelations were quite surprising but well kept from the beginning. You might wanna held on and toughen up your heart because stories like this might either disappoint you or amaze you by how real the characters are. This is no love story but straight up crime drama that you usually watch in your tv.