Just one year by Gayle Forman

Just One Year  - Gayle Forman

“I’ve since come to understand that the universe operates on the same general equilibrium theory as markets. It never gives you something without making you pay for it somehow.” 

--I finished reading this book this morning and I had been thinking about how I'll write a review since then. I started this October and the crave about it was very overwhelming, reviews were all over and some people not liking the book kept me from finishing it because this author is one of my favorites and I would like to be fair to her(just as with the other  authors). Yesterday, I had this urge of finishing this again. I thought the storm has been calmed. 

The layout of the story, I certainly knew it's going to end something similar from the first book(If you haven't read the first book..I think You must read that and stopped reading this-but you will, will you? heh). I knew it was the whole year before the couple met again. It is Willem's narration this time, about how he spent that year after that just one day with Lulu/Allyson. I knew. I expected the outcome. So when some people say they were disappointed, it disappoints and saddens me too that they didn't enjoy the journey of those characters that much just as I am.


Maybe it didn't topped the If I stay and Where she went series, but this is pretty much good for me.  Damn, when I had a cry from this last night, it was a good cry. It felt good afterwards. Maybe not the eyebags tho(tsk..).Maybe it wasn't ended in I dos and marriage and white picket fences and babies and childrens, which I would be very angry if Forman ended it that way, but it's Wilhem's point of you, everyone. The pair is realistically impossible to attain that yet after a day together and a year apart. Sometimes, it's better to enjoy the journey of the characters than what happens in the last chapter section. 


I can't find any bad about her writing. It was because Forman is a good fit for Young Adult. Wilhem and Allyson's story will be part of my reading history that I won't forget. 

I can't quite put all the amazing things in a post because thinking about it overwhelms my sense of writing a review which will lead to so many spoilers, but if you haven't read this series, I'm telling you.. you're missing something I read that I loved.





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