Eyes Wide Open (The Blackstone Affair, book 3)

Eyes Wide Open  - Raine Miller

By Raine Miller


Book 1:  Naked

Book 2: All In


I got bored the first few chapters. Tho the romance and the sweet words were there, it could have been better if the pace was spontaneous and faster. I get the idea of focusing on the relationship. But, I felt the story dragged on. The new mystery was built at the end and book 4 is on the way to answer that. The demons of both couple was still there, especially with Ethan. I got confused with a scene at the end.


On the bright side, they were surprises. I loved the cute niece  and the blueberries-talking. If you didn't know these, it's a good reason to read this. The book got some cute moments.


As much as I wanted to rate this higher, for me, I think the book 2 is better. But, you might want to continue because there are revelations along the way. Believe me, I guessed all of them correct. There were not revealed as much shocking for me. But the death of one of the characters made me so sad. I think it has been made to shaken things up. 


To conclude, you'll absolutely feel the love with the main couple, and I mean, the hot scenes, the dirty whispers and the cheesy, bone-tingling talks.There are enough to get this finish. :)



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