Mad love by Colet Abedi

Mad Love - Colet Abedi

The most typical summer read I've ever read. This book got all of the elements of a summer getaway story. It's about a girl tried to heal a broken heart, went to Maldives with her friends, met a guy, fell in love.

It's half a compliment and a criticism at the same time. It's so predictable.

Two weeks or so after of great attraction, the girl found herself in-love. Clayton is the Christian Grey above the beach of Maldives with girls swooning over him, got secrets, famous and rich and an alpha male that gives orders. Like I said, typical romance scenario of the book world.


So much build-up of characters, no strong plot ascend and ended open in a cliffhanger-and it was not so strong.


Recommended to people just wanting to have a book in hand when getting a tan alongside the beach.






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