Beauty from Pain (Beauty, book 1)

Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) - Georgia Cates

I know a lot of readers really enjoyed this and rated high. I wished I rated higher too. :)


The cover is beautiful as well as the title. Honestly, I didn't know where the author got the title from the story until the very last page, which still made me not quite sure. As if, it was written and inserted in the last page just to explain why because the idea of the title was absent along the story. I was bored along the first few chapters. I needed the couple, Jack and Laurelyn, to be more intense. Plain writing(sorryy.. this review is hard.. damn). I didn't felt much about the characters, each and both of them together. It got really interesting when the minor character, Audrey entered, even Ben got his good part along the story. The song choices were great.The idea of the story is interesting tho. Got a cliffhanger, so better be prepared, readers.



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