Game of Thrones by George Martin

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

Ah.. the famous GOT.


Basically, it's a story of war and clans and claiming that stupid Iron Throne. Meaning, you'll be a king of the Seven Cities(if I am not mistaken--heh).

It centers clan Stark. Lord Ned Stark, a very good friend of the king, Robert Baratheon, was promoted as the hand. Which probably translates as, 'let's bully this guy so we can fight each other and sit on the throne'.



I opened the soft cover and dang, there's a map. We all know what a map is stating. We all know what maps symbolizes. Not merely, a geographical reference. It's called Complication, and shits gonna hit the fan. *heh*. SO this book got one, and probably a globe later on. Which is a headache coming.


I love maps. I print maps whenever a book has one. It's a hobby of mine. It gives me happiness, i don't know why.


Anyways, i read this simultaneously with season 1's episodes. It's a hard work, you know. But quite challenging. I practically know what will happen next but it's exciting to know the story in paper and in the screen.

Although, if i had decided to read the book alone, i might not finished by now and this review won't be possible. The first one-forth of the book was a bore. It became exciting when the clan Lannisters entered.


Fave character? Tyrion L. Damn, book Tyrion and tv Tyrion are one. The actor's lines are the same. The character is the same. I loved seeing him in person.

Almost all of the characters, major and minor, are interesting. Although, too many characters are confusing sometimes.

Also, The queen. Damn, it's always be the queen, right? She's the strongest. Most cunning. Most wise. *winks


History-wise, it was broad and deep. 


Winter is coming.

Ok, ok, i might have made some punches toward the pages. I know already, Winter is coming!!! *haha* It's repetitive.


Tv Jon is handsomeee!


just saying. *hehe


Winter has come!(in Canada! sigh~~)



next time

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