Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles (Succubus diaries, book 1)

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi - Jill Myles

Of course.. they prefer succubi...



Jackie woke up in a Dumpster one day from weird encounters with two men the night before. She found herself befriended by a porn star slash succubus and an angel, one of the men who sired her. Apparently, she died and became a succubus that changed her body into a bombshell. She is still to meet the other being who sired her and was led into a vampire club to investigate their queen's dark plan that she's been brewing.



Very promising-sounded premise and I liked that it's link to archaeological stuffs. I like museums and Jackie is a docent. Her adventure was okay but no exciting actions and have no shocking revelations. Very predictable.


Very sexy tho.

There's a love triangle between Jackie's sires and herself. The conflict between them was important in the story. 


I am fond of reading paranormal sexy series even if it's totally worth setting aside. It's not very unique. Angels, Vampires, Succubus. All things paranormal are exciting enough even if you've read this story before about each of them with a unique girl between them and a lot of pheromones and mystery guys.




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