Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Stranded with a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club Novel) - Jessica Clare

I am too inlove in reading billionaire romantic stories even if books in this genre are somewhat similar. 

It's another rich man meets simple girl i say, but ended up reading the next one anyways.



This series in general is about 6 billionaires who are good friends meeting their right women in each of their stories. If there aren't rich, many people would say, it's a narcissistic cult. *lol just kidding..

This book one includes the romantic story of Logan, a filthy businessman who is eyeing a resort restoration for business. One day, he went to the resort, stucked in an elevator while evacuating, with a waitress, and ended up with the same waitress in the middle of a hurricane. Bronte, is the said waitress.


I finally started reading this series as it is somewhat popular. The story is very predictable and very common in the world of contemporary romance. Should i care? Not at all. It's just that, it fell too flat for me. No angst, no intensity. Same old conflict which is Logan being generous to Bronte, Bronte being a good girl not needing any expensive gifts. There is also the trust issue from Logan's side. Again, common.


The funny things is, it was a fast-paced read for me because I wanted to start reading the second book. Hunter and Gretchen was introduced in this book, and i saw their potential love story to be very good and interesting one in book 2.


Although, it's a 3 star-rating for me, the hot scenes are still hot. 


add to your contemporary reading list!



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