Once upon a billionaire by Jessica Clare (BBC, book 4)

Once upon a Billionaire - Jessica Clare

Not the most steamiest book in the series but...



Viscount Griffin Virdi in the land of Bellissime is to attend a royal wedding of this country that he might not want to visit again. A day before the flight, his assistant gotten sick. Gretchen, his friend's wife volunteered his husband's assistant Maylee, oh, the bubbly Post-it-loving girl Maylee to accompany him and fill the position.

The two started off to be the opposites of each other.



It's not the steamiest book, as i'ved said. You know when you just read the book 3 and they were all like all over each other, and then, this happened. The pair is truly an odd one. And i loved it. I mentioned that the author paired each couple in the series interestingly(well, except with Cade not being paired in the end, with Daphnie-book 6-in my opinion). This book started as cute and funny, having a billionaire with an attitude and an assistant with a weird accent and grammar.


It was fine. It's just not the best. Maybe because I wanted to explore more on the couple, on the story, on the setting, on the royals involved, but it might be too much knowing it's a 200-page book only. Yours truly loves conflicts and fuck ups! >.<


So maybe if some readers rated this low, it is because it lacks a lot of things. BUT,  it has the cutest pair of a couple. I love pairs that are opposites. They say opposites attract, right?




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