Otherwise Unharmed (Evan Arden, book 3) by Shay Savage

Otherwise Unharmed - Shay Savage

I am pretty much done reading this series.(except Isolated--which is a novella about Sebastian--remember, Bastian's Storm(Surviving Raine series)?-- and Evan. Just a short review about this hero. 


Evan Arden. Easy to remember. From a talented author. Shay Savage's heroes are alpha men and have the softest hearts. They started as tough and strong and handsome(must be oh so handsome--dont forget about that) and have devastating unimaginable pasts. If I could categorize Savage's books.. I'll start with action. Next, romance. Those steamy scenes coming out of nowhere. It's like, after a good fight, hero needs a good fuck(pardon ma language). It balances the angst. 


To be a honest, if I were to meet Evan, if I were Lia, i would probably take off and run to the other side of the world. Away from Evan. In book one, she started as a normal girl healing a broken heart. Evan Arden is a person of crimes and deaths. He's a killer. They are opposites.  You'd think they will never have a chance for them to meet. Even in the streets. What do you know, they met in a desert. Lia popped out of nowhere, came in to Evan's shack located in the middle of a vast landscapes of pure heat and sand. 


In this book 3, it's action-packed, alright. I mean, deaths, shootouts, betrayals. It's like watching an action movie. With subtitles on it, which is pretty cool for me. >.< 


Savage's stories are all stirred up with enough of everything. I don't like reading so much cheesiness in long dialogues. I hate super detailed description of settings. She's done none of those. She's writing good action romantic fiction. Surely, this author's name should be bookmarked and remembered and watched for if she started a new series.

One of my favorite authors.


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*P.S./edited: I just found out that there will be book 5 of Evan Arden series

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