A deeper darkness by J.T. Ellison

A Deeper Darkness - J.T. Ellison

CReading,, *may edit after reading*

clean, smooth writing.  a bit slow in the beginning(pace).. aren't all crime books that way? 

not enough suspense tho.. i love a very good suspense in crimes. 


edited: read: 3.5 stars


from GR:

As a medical examiner, Samantha Owens knows her job is to make a certain sense of death with crisp methodology and precision instruments.

But the day the Tennessee floods took her husband and children, the light vanished from Sam's life. She has been pulled into a suffocating grief no amount of workaholic ardor can penetrate until she receives a peculiar call from Washington, D.C.

On the other end of the line is an old boyfriend's mother, asking Sam to do a second autopsy on her son. Eddie Donovan is officially the victim of a vicious carjacking, but under Sam's sharp eye the forensics tell a darker story. The ex-Ranger was murdered, though not for his car.

Forced to confront the burning memories and feelings about yet another loved one killed brutally, Sam loses herself in the mystery contained within Donovan's old notes. It leads her to the untouchable Xander, a soldier off-grid since his return from Afghanistan, and then to a series of brutal crimes stretching from that harsh mountainous war zone to this nation's capital. The tale told between the lines makes it clear that nobody's hands are clean, and that making sense of murder sometimes means putting yourself in the crosshairs of death.



Just as I've said, a slow pace. The story was being built nicely with all the plot and all. Twists were in there. Not many, not that shocking.. but it's okay. I can't review a crime book more technically for now but i'll get used to it eventually. I plan to read crimes this summer and i somehow knew already the gist and the build-up from this book and all the few others that stuck with me years ago.


I am currently reading the book 2 of this series and it's more interesting with the biological attack being the challenge, and with Dr. Sam having a new life with his new love.



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