Roses at Dusk (Demonic, book 1) by M.W. Russell

Roses at Dusk - M.W. Russell


Hannah Malcolm has been through more in her short lifetime than any young woman should have to bear. So after the well publicised death of her family, Hannah decides to leave the bustling streets of Chicago and seek refuge, in the sleepy seaside town of Bar Harbor, in Maine. A new job, new friends and a quaint cottage on the cliff overlooking the sparkling waters of Frenchman Bay give her just the opportunity she needs. 

But complications have always been a specialty of Hannah's and Bar Harbor is to be no exception. The town is reeling after an unexplained murder and several random assaults, which have small degrees of separation from her. One disaster after the next begin to swirl at Hannah's feet and to add to her worries her new found man is starting to appear not quite as he seems. (*Goodreads*)



At first, it felt like a dark psychological book and started slow-paced. But, along the way, it was introduced as paranormal type. I couldn't guess of what the story will turn into and I think, that's good. It was unique in some events. The writing turned fast-paced along the last few chapters and the love affairs turned into a different twists. The main pair might not end up together, and maybe the friendzoned-coworker will save the day and become the hero.


I don't know.. :) It's a breath of fresh air from your zone of paranormal romance.



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