Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy

Heiress for Hire - Erin McCarthy

I have this curse that always happen in Booklikes. It's that whenever I write a blog and ready to publish, there is some force that doesn't want me to post it. (LOL) it's like, the post is either accidentally erased by me, my keyboard is acting up or my laptop hangs or i get no wifi connection for a minute. (seriously!) This is my second time(not the first in all my booklike blogging experience) to write this blog and I am not that enthusiastic anymore. >.<


Anyways, dang, i judged this book as chicklit. The cover is so chicklit, right? The title is so chicklit. But the meat...(can i say the meat? lol) is a bit sensual and the hot scenes is like a new adult. It's probably a contemporary-romance. I don't usually take this genres too seriously. It doesn't appeal to me that much if it is chicklit. I seldom read those. But when I do, they are fillers in heavy dark lengthy series. They are a breath of fresh air for me, and that's why i remember them all because it's a long journey from Scotland to France you know?(Outlander) and I want to sometimes take a detour to a small town or a big city, present time. 


This book is a the second book of Cuttersville series. It's about Amanda, a 20-million dollar heiress who was cut off by her dad while staying in Cuttersville. Eager to support herself and her dog, she started looking for a job. Danny, a farmer, who recently discovered that he has a daughter doesn't really need a babysitter, but changed his mind. He like Amanda but he was afraid that being close to her will make his heart broken when the time comes for Amanda to leave the town.


The opposites are very noticeable, aren't they? A farmer and a heiress. A single girl with a dog, and a new dad with an abused daughter. Probably, a premise for a heavy drama but it was a surprisingly easy read and an enjoyable one. 

It is always been the heroine that makes you either hate or love the book, IMO. It does and they are judged if they acted a bit bratty or bit distressed. 

In this book, Amanda is a bit bratty but definitely not the distressed one.



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