This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp

This Is Where It Ends - Marieke Nijkamp

To be published: January 5th 2016

From: Netgalley (TY! Sourcebooksfire)


There are two types of reviews in this world(well at least for me! haha), the one with the highest rating that if you could, you will use all the stars in the sky for, and the ones who have 3 stars.. which you cant quite explain them why into writing. sadly, this post belongs to the later.


I rarely request books from Netgalley. Because, it will take time for me to finally read the book and my attention span to start some new ones is like a toddler in a new park. I expected a lot for this book. I requested it(but I forgot i requested it) and I wished it is so good that the free copy is worth it if i will give it a 5-star rating. 


The premise is about high school shooting. You will greatly assume it's gonna be dramatic-- disturbingly life-changing devastatingly sick kind of story. The kind you can't forget the day after. The kind that will make you question life, people, decisions.


It started with POVs of some students and boy, I was taken aback by them, I thought at first, there will be like, 30 of them having their own paragraphs narrating something. I am so not good with remembering names. I think, they are five in the story. You know what I dont like about names also? The creativeness of them or the uncommonness. There's Far I think, which is, I just then realized short for Fareed. >.< There's Ty, for others, Tyler, which confused me at first, by i got used to it.


Tyler, the bad guy. I think, he's the plot. I mean, he's the star of the story. His goal was to make the story interesting. He's the shooter. He's the one who have the gun.

This is the character, I found, who fell short. I was looking for the depth, the shades of gray, the psychological side. The disturbance that I should have felt. I didn't felt it. His goal, for me in this story, is not to shoot many students, his goal is to affect me. To at least make me feel something strong, it's either to loathe him, to feel disturbed by him, or even to sympathize him. the lack of psychological aspect was there. The intensity of the shots wasn't there. I could even figure it out whose gonna be killed soon. I believe, the drama isn't depending on how many people have been killed(GOT??? haha), it depends on the impact of the killing. 


On the lighter side, it's a fast-paced story-telling. I like them in my books. 



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