Souls unfractured (Hades Hangman, book 3)

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Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen) (Volume 3) - Tillie Cole

I've been reading this series for the past few months and all the other Motorcycle club related romances i could ever seen. LOL


It's just one of those moments when you just want a little more of them biker stories to spice up your reading experience. >.<


Hades Hangmen series is one of the rare motorcycle stories you should totally read. Big  part of this series, includes a cult, a religious charismatic cult with Brothers named from the bible characters that somehow practiced child rape within such a belief that they are cleansing girls(as early as 6) from evil. A very sensitive type of story in need of some discretion to readers. Specifically, book 3 got the darkest of narration. 


The taboo is palpable and cringey, bikers paired with the ladies brainwashed by their cult. Very disturbing to read but for me, it adds to such uniqueness to the series. 


Probably by far my favorite biker series.



(i'm back!)