Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, book 1)

Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep

I've been making myself busy and at the same time trying to get myself sleep-deprived because of several series I started. *o*

I started reading this series and I am quite hooked. The story line and the world around it is so exciting and dangerous. I like Gin. I like the mysteries involved around her. The attraction between Caine and Gin is what i'll hold on to for the rest of the series. The action scenes  kicked ass but I think i needed more of that. It would be totally awesome if the actions are to keep going. The suspense deflates at some point.

Gin is not definitely the flowery, rainbow and bubbles type. She has been an assassin for almost all of her life and her past is not a place she wanted to visit. The story revolves on how she will get revenge to a powerful person who hurt the closest person in her life. Complications along the way when Caine, the good detective, said yes to a truce between the two of them. He  always comes closer to killing her, because she killed his partner in the first place, but he somehow drawn to her. She is drawn to him too more than he is, so she keeps her cold facade when she's gone too far. 


If you are looking for an urban fantasy, this one maybe is for you.





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