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APRIL 3: (this will be my blog anniversary a year after)


Hi! Greetings!


I am Cyndi.

here are some facts you might wanna read and might not care to know but i'm telling them anyways.: :)


  • *i love books but i am comfortably using ereader these days and saving myself from cramps(when in bed).  
  • *I discovered my love of reading when I purchased the first trilogy in my bookshelf which is the 'His Dark Materials' by Phillip Pullman. Frustated, when the book 3 I lent to a friend was lost. :(
  • *I am an Asian. Filipino. But living here at this maple-loving country.
  • *My favorite Filipino author is Samantha Sotto. Her book 'Before Ever After' is my absolute recommendation. It kept me weeping for two hours and made me baby eyebags for days.
  • *I adore independent authors. 
  • *My comfort books are those of by Murakami.
  • *I am still yet to discover my favorite author in Suspence-thriller genre.
  • *i love reading manga(so expect manga crops in all of the blog posts). 

*i have a goodreads account but i'm gonna start new so i'm not going to import my books from there.(i'll still update there tho)

*i post book pages! from both my ereader and traditional books.


that's it. :*


reading motto: read fast. time is running.


this looks like tumblr btw but having the shelf is way cooler *winks*,

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