Pride and Prejudice

Let me start with a couple of quotes I saved in my phone during my reading experience.









P and P, huh? What can I say.. I didn't get the writing style at first. The long sentences and the deep phrases bombarded my inner reader spirit. I liked it tho as soon as I was being introduced to some characters that I believed people were interested into.  

This is one of the classic novels that I am particularly learned to appreciate. I am not more of a classic reader tho. I am on the historical romances side which includes 'bedchamber' on the vocabulary (haha--which i joked about one time in tumblr and a historical romance author liked my post. i must say she affirmed it). So imagine me looking at the dictionary in some moments. Like, what the heck is perturbation? 


I'll tell you guys what I've learned. It's simply about a family with 5 daughters and mother nagging them to marry just to ensure both their futures and a whole lot of drama and craziness. If you happened to be born that time, do you prefer marrying to someone who is in high society regardless of how he is as a person, or do you prefer a man you love despite having little properties in a state? Elizabeth, which is one of the sisters, prefer the latter. Though it's impressive for a girl to think of that, I found her having to judge a person very nasty(aside from Mrs. Bennet, or course). Darcy is a fellow with a big pride and that difference between him and Elizabeth having to prejudice her beliefs against him is a plot I longed to observed.



Such progression of the story were that of the actions that Darcy took place in Lydia's marriage. I somehow had a hunch about Darcy's negotiations. About the couple, probably the cutest things happened between the two, were when they always found themselves having no topics to discuss or ended with each other blushing and answering their close-ended questions. The courtship somehow were short leaving Elizabeth to herself wondering what would come to future days. I somehow can tell you that the waiting is really frustrating, especially to girls that time (and still this modern time, right?). It's like, you saw him and you don't, and when you finally see him again, there are no things to discuss or opportunity to talk. Especially, if the boy is looking at the floor counting the tiles the whole time. Darcy had been very shy I must say.

A Very much different facade when he was in public telling about his preference in the dancing floor. The letter that he gave to Elizabeth was long enough to say otherwise. His friends, as much as i remember, said that he wrote good letters and I can't help but imagine a writing Darcy along with such emotions seemed too big to burst as he intended to make himself clear and with a little bitterness. 



I had read an analysis of this book somewhere during my reading and it's so surprising how every people analyze a book very differently. I suggest reading the book and read the analysis of one once in awhile. You'll find your opinion and understanding parallel and differ in some scenes.


I'll recommend this to someone who is tired after the few days of fantasy fiction and need to lie-low their reading.


Okayy... that's it.