MAY 2013 book releases i will totally check out

It's May and it's so incredibly nice to go out but good old nooking with new books will keep you happy too. :) It's the 6th day actually, of this month and I am so curious why goodreads or even Chapters Indigo haven't mailed me about new releases. Frustrated, I did some research. Here are some that I anticipate:

i got only four because you know, this girl is reading. :)



1. Eyes wide Open (The Blackstone Affair, book 3)


- I just finished the book 2 weeks ago and I am so curious about this one. The book one brought up a really good cliffhanger that I haven't anticipated. If you finished reading Fifty Shades trilogy or waiting for Crossfire's next book to release, you might wanna read this.

- RD: May 14

- romance


2. The 5th Wave

- so many anticipation about this book. the first 54 pages has been posted somewhere. (although i am not going to read it because i know i'll be left hanging)

- scifi; dystopian

- RD: May 7


3. And the Mountains Echoed

- from a bestselling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.

- contemporary-fiction; literary-fiction

- RD: May 21


4. Inferno


- 4th book of Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown

- about Dante's inferno ( and I though RL's going to another country to fathom some symbols

- * Oh Dante's Inferno.. i remember that i read Gabriels' Inferno which is centered to Dante too. It's a sensual romance with some university politics going on. (recommendation)

- RD: May 24


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happy spring! here's a pic of a cherry blossom to make you smile. *teehee

i wandered in High Park last Saturday so..

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this girl reading.