United we Spy (Ally Carter)

United We Spy - Ally Carter

Goodbye, Gallagher Girl!


The final conclusion of Gallagher girls book series was published September this year but procrastination(and suppression of the fact that this book is 'the' ending) and multiple-book readings dragged me and it's Nov. now. >o>


Cammie with her spy best friends have one thing to accomplish.. attend the graduation alive and well. The plan somehow is unattainable when the Circle of Cavan, a terrorist organization, is pursuing a world-wide devastation and chaos. Together, they must stop them with their super-spy skills and smart brains.



I'm a little bit sad. I am a sucker at graduation speeches and just you wait when you are in that part. It's a fast-paced action packed very short(i felt that way) conclusion that made me grasp every scenes because I'll be missing these girls. If I could be best friends with them, I'd do it. They are so cool and smart. The flashbacks of the things that had happened from the previous books refreshed my mind and warmed my heart. It has been a journey with the characters. I felt for the readers. Revelations were all-over so braced on your seats and enjoy!


You know what hurts a little bit more, is that.. I have this sympathy for Josh, Cammie's first boyfriend. The book one has been the difficult one to accept for me, because Ally Carter got that one topic young girls tend to feel.. and that is getting over your first love. It felt real and sad to let go of that first feeling for a guy that you know you can't go and fight for, because you have bigger fights to counter, as a spy. That's why until now, Zach has been a stranger to me. I think, I got attached to Josh that If Zach is on some scenes, I tend to ignore him. A little bit more because Zach got a wrong first impression from me. (we'll it's just me.. i think readers love cammie and zach)



Romance aside, it still a kick-ass series!

If I have to recommend a feel-good slice-of-life action series for girls who is still looking at the world and still confused about life and love and friends, it's this one.


Favorite quote:

“What is a Gallagher Girl?
She's a genius, a scientist, a heroine, a spy... a Gallagher Girl is whatever she wants to be.” 





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