The Lost Planet

The Lost Planet - Rachel Searles

Will be Published: Jan, 2014



This  was my first book from Netgalley and I already wrote a review there but I'll write a short one here in BL.


This is like a Star Trek space adventure type. So.. technically, it's a sci-fi fantasy. It's about a boy who had an amnesia when Parker, and her android guardian Mina, found him unconscious inside their house premises that was guarded and cannot be easily walked through. The story is intended to readers from middle-aged boys and girls to spaceship-lovers. Adventure-wise, this book got a lot of action and revelations. You can't put it down. For once, you'll be intrigued about the boy, his true identity and his mission and abilities. 


It ended openly so it promised a book 2 but it's too early to be excited. :)