Blood Gospel, (The Order of Sanguines, book 1)

The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series -  Rebecca Cantrell, James Rollins

Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell


This is a fictional historical archaeological adventure with biblical-related controversy  with monks and wolves and beasts involved. That are crazily connected together. Dr. Erin Granger was summoned while in work to explore a mummified girl discovered in a temple. Little did she know, she'll explore bigger things together with Father Rhun Korza, a Vatican priest, and Sergeant Jordan Stone. With the secrets of the Church was revealed to them, they'll try to fight and survive the blasts and shots of the enemies of the church, search towers and underground lakes, up to the very center of St. Peter's basilica to prevent the greatest destruction that may doom the earth.




Oh hoh my God! I never expect the twisted end of the story but be prepared to be in awe if you happen to start reading this. Remember, it's just the first book in the series so better grasp every journey with the trio. With a little romance aside, which is such a tease, the revelations are all well kept and hidden in plain sight. You might get bored in the first few chapter. I got bored. I thought, 'hell, how is this nominated as one of the best books in Goodreads?' But then, this book proved me wrong during the last few chapters. It was like reading one of Robert Langdon's series with some paranormal creatures in it which makes the story more action-packed.


The two authors' writing were in-sync. I thought the book was written by only one, but these two heads were surprisingly made the book better. I am not that happy when a good book story idea was ruined by two different authors that were somehow planned because by a flick of a finger  they just thought they should write a book. I think it's hard to collaborate to someone in terms of writing. But this book is fortunately a good, well edited and researched one.


If you have a day or two available to be cozy and warm, you might want to start this book.


Favorite quote:


“He counted his steps. That was how you got through tough things. You counted. Once you said, "one," then you knew "two" was coming, and "three" right after that.”