Marriage Merger (Marriage to a Billionaire, book 4)

The Marriage Merger  - Jennifer Probst

Marriage to a Billionaire series was written by Jennifer Probst.


Marriage Merger is about Julietta Conte, one of the Conte siblings of the famous La Dolce Famiglia bakery, and Sawyer Wells, a successful hotel chain owner. When a love spell has been casted by Julietta one night, everything somehow changed after when her mother arranged and merged both of the couples' businesses and their surnames into one. 



There will be a whole lot of romance novels/series out there you'll read in the future, a whole lot that you will surely forget some of them, but this one will get stuck in your mind for a long time if you come across to them again. Because, for once, this series got a strong common gist into its every book.. and that is the 'magic' of the book of love spell that the girls of every books used in every story. It's crazy. When I read the books after they published, I've come to always ask if the book really works and fate somehow is really bounded by a certain spell, or it's just a coincidence because the characters are all close and family friends, or the mother is somehow in the back of all the matches grinning for her match-making habits. 


Anyways, the book got a lot of heart, a feel-good story and got a lot of characters(series) that stays with you so I'm sure if you root for them from the previous books, you'll acknowledge them here and remember their stories. Though the plot is very shallow, the story centers more on the struggles of Sawyer and his demons. If you somehow looking for an adventurous one, maybe you'll better stick to your paranormal choices. It's a book that will make you love Love once in while if you feeling you wanted to experience a bit relax in your reading journey. (Tho, i understand some readers who rated this book low, it depends on your mood, really. I always mind what i want in a moment so that i can't breathe dragon fire when i can't  feel a book's story. ahh....)