Lover Reborn (BDB, book 10)

Lover Reborn - J R Ward

"From one king to another, know that I'm giving you the middle finger right now." And he was, with a smile.
― J.R. Ward, Lover Reborn



I am not giving my middle finger for J.R. Ward tho because it's about time Tohrment got the resolution about himself-- his story. Funny, Tohrment lived up with his name for a long time starting from when his shellan was killed by their enemies. Imagine the frustration when several stories were being spread out every publication year and doesn't include Tohrment's life resolutions. It had been a long time for Tohrment to get over his dead wife. Much more when he discovered that she haven't settled yet in to the Fade because he can't get over her all this time. Imagine meeting the woman he once saved who somehow is getting closer to him. Imagine the conflicts of his heart. 


Reading the book smoothly, this warrior had been a lot and thinking about him making no progress at the first 10 to 15 chapters, I was intrigued onto how will the author will pull through and conclude the agony of Tohrment(very sad and negative adjective there--making his name a lot more painful *sighh). The anger of him is what I felt the most. Somehow I discovered that one characteristic that can cut thru anyone's heart. Ironic, he somehow  doesn't knew about himself being the first to be reprimanded. Lassiter, the angel, made him think rational and kept his ground. Barely.


I didn't expect tho that the issue about The Band of Bastards will continue for the next book without so much fight. But not at all surprised as the thing about the  Lessening Society is becoming more and more boring during the few finished books. Maybe I was just excited about the action scenes between the warriors. That would be bloody hell for both of them. A war will indeed commence in the next book.


Just when I already guessed some things will be fixed and okay and done in the last few pages, the scenes turned a little detour making me skipped a beat and got a mini heart attack. I got the hell worried about Tohrment. I was like, "no way.." Damn. 


What I really love about this whole book series..


is that I always find myself wiping some good tears when the story becomes heavy especially between the brothers caring for each other. Because, hey, they are  undead blood-sucking sex-craving territorial alpha vampire males but they have a heart vulnerable to be hurt, and for this particular series, they've been in all different miseries. And I can't help but care. Just as the same as all the readers feel about this series. The world made by Ward is as solid as a rock when it comes to claiming the top spot under Best Paranormal Series. And I am not saying it's mainly because her books are the badassest series ever written, but mainly because the characters seemed to capture my heart, and all of her readers. The actions were just the bonus, the romance are a treat as always. But, I appreciate, above anything else, are the characters that made me feel towards them. And I think, that's very important.


The next book, Lover At Last, will be my next read and I can't wait for Quinn and Blaylock's story. <3



If ever you haven't read this series, oh holy J.R. Ward!, what are you reading?!! This is  the sign!

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