Darkfever (Fever, book 1) by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning


The writing is stylish. The narration of Mackayla is light to read and with smart wit. She's the protagonist who is not the typical strong girl hero in an urban fantasy but as more real close to reality. She's an ordinary blond girl who chooses to sunbathe than save the earth. But the stubbornness of all the protagonist is in her that's why she comes closer to troubles every time. Her identity, her mission to catch her sister's killer, her searching for the dark book, and all other things piled up that she can't help but stay in Dublin and close to the Fae world.

The cover in hardcover contains a girl and a boy half naked and shows an adult romance genre but if you go on and on reading it, less romance were implied. You'll get more action, more mysteries. Tho there are hotties namely, V'lane, the prince of Fae and Jericho Barrons, the mysterious bookstore owner, less romantic scenes are in the book which gives you more reason to hope for either of them with MacKayla.

The story is fast-paced. You might find it introducing details about the Fae world, more of Mackayla Lane's personality and relationship progress with Barrons along the far end of the book.



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