Hideaway Cove by Anna Sullivan (BOOK TWO, Windfall Island series)

Hideaway Cove - Anna Sullivan

3.5 stars


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First of all, I didn't know it's the second book of Windfall Island series so when I was reading the first chapter, spoilers were over the place and I had to stop. I started reading book one instead.

I think it won't hurt to write the book number (not just a simple subtitle of the title series) in the book cover if it's a part of the series. Readers are really irritated when this happen.


The charm of this book series is the mystery that drag all of the characters in the island, Windfall. It will be distinguished and remembered by readers because of this plot that will go on in all of the books in the series.

Don't expect the mystery of looking for the Stanhope heir will to be solved. I had this expectation in the book one and I was cut short because nothing was really resolved yet. Because of that, I liked this book 2 more than the first one, Temptation Bay. I was ready for this and knowing that there will be book 3, I've known that the mystery will still continue up to it. Which is unfortunately expected. 

The book one is about Maggie and Dex who went to the Island to look for the missing heir. This book 2 is about Maggie's bestfriend, Jessie and, Hold, a genealogist who came too and helped with the case.


Each books have two bigger problems, the mystery of the missing heir and the romance with the couples. In this book, mystery-aside, Romance is pretty amazing because of the good characterization. Jessie's struggle in life giving a good life with her son and her separation anxiety because of her son's father sudden flight after knowing she was pregnant, are some of the conflicts that Hold will encounter. Their clashing lifestyles and perception are very palpable at first. They were different in goals but the attraction goes a long way in the series that made this book very hot and steamy.



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