Bastian's storm by Shay Savage

Bastian's Storm (Surviving Raine) (Volume 2) - Shay Savage

It took me days to finish this book. It was a hard one to read. This is a sequel of Surviving Raine and i found a theme i would love in its author.


Bastian and Raine are back in Miami after an island survival story in book 1. The book cover, to be honest, look like a M-M erotic military story. I didn't really understand it. (lol) I was really clueless about the other guy. Who is he?

And then.. EVAN happened.


I can't even.

I thought at first, there will be a triangle between Bastian, Raine and Evan.(in any possible pair-lol JK)

But it wasn't. Spoiler alert, btw.

He is more than that. He is introduced as if he'll make the biggest plot twist in the story. 

To be honest, he is.


Bastian's POV is so emotional and fucked-up. It was well-written and people should enroll in Savage's how to write a male POV right class. :) If she have one.

Bastian's decision will mold what will happen next. He, together with Raine, living together in a city have difficulties, to think they did extremely well back in the island surviving. The commitment between the two was so strong. I might had some doubts in Raines' because let me tell you, i guessed what she might do if Bastian will end disappointing her. And that is to leave him.

But i was surprised because she's stronger than we all think. A lot happened.

Action aside(which btw, kicked-assed!), the pair had really hot scenes in between suspenseful chapters and that is why it will pumped you reading.


I think the strongest asset of Savage's writing is her damaged and emotional point of views. Surprisingly, action scenes have good visuals too. If you're not that much acquainted with her works, it differs from the others because she love action as much as she love romance. I noticed a whole lot of opposite personalities in her pairs too.

I still love the book 1 better, but you need to read this too. (and Evan got his own book story)





Everything she loved, I hated. Everything that frightened her, I loved.”



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