Only with you (The Best Mistake, book 1) by Lauren Layne

Only with You - Lauren Layne

Sophie Dalton is a drop-out university student and a cocktail waitress. One day, she decided to wear her knee-high boots for a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Then Grayson Wyatt mistaken Sophie for a prostitute while riding the elevator. A couple of months later from Sophie's devastating encounter with Wyatt that ruined her pride, at a family dinner, her sister brought no other than this uptight businessman as a date.

In their awkward family dinner, her sister volunteered Sophie as Wyatt's assistant. Then started an office affair that Wyatt didn't planned to continue, and Sophie, who needed just to prove her worth.



This is a book from netgalley that i hand picked and randomly just downloaded and thanked for, because its free.

Little did I know, that i will enjoy reading the book. 

I like all the characters especially Sophie. She's sassy and people-person. She like to be around with people and maybe this is why she really is determined to soften this 'mannequin' uptight boss.

Grayson W.'s character progression is so clear but it took all the pages of the book. I kind of wanted to know of their relationship and their struggles. But i often like office affairs, so it was still enjoyable along the way.


What i wasn't expected was the another story of other characters in the story that teases us in some of the chapters. Sophie's sister, Brynn and, Sophie's close friend Will have something going on in the book and it's pretty intense. This promises a book 2. And I can't wait.



"I, um...left my clothes downstairs so..."

He gestured to the dresser, where her clothes lay in a perfect pile. Of course. Sophie blanched.

"You folded my thong?" 



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